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I am an independent Home Based Travel Agent. My goal is to provide all of my clients the customer service, support and respect that I would expect from a Travel Agent. I am constantly completing training to specialize in different locations and with different brands to provide you with the best possible options for your travels. Because of my relationships and dedication from different suppliers I am able to offer perks and special offers not available when you book online. I am also licensed in Alberta to sell Travel Insurance, which is an important part of traveling.

Another important thing you need to know is that if you see something you like online, it is important to send me a screenshot of what you have found. I can let you know if the deal is as good as it looks, and if it is; I can usually price match. 

And most important: The suppliers pay me as a Travel Agent so that I can provide my services and expertise to you for free! So, what are you waiting for? Contact me today. 

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Why should I use a travel agent?

1. If something goes wrong on your trip, I will go to bat for you. no matter who is at fault and try to get your vacation back on track.

2. There are a lit of value -adds that consumers don't even know about that can be added by a travel agent. Ever wonder why the couple in the cabin next to your got champagne and you didn't? They probably used a travel agent.

3. Often, I can save you money or at least match the price you find, while saving you time and effort. There are also hidden savings built into trips. I will book transfers for you, often included in the price. Sometimes a package that you book yourself won't include those, making the experience appear cheaper.

4. I don't charge any service fees. I get paid by the suppliers, so it doesn't cost you anything for my services. I work around your schedule. I print your documents for you. And best of all, I send you a surprise! Want to know what the surprise is? You'll have to book your trip with me to find out!

5. No booking is too small. I can book single hotel stays, family vacations, guided tours, excursions, tickets, you name it! I won't cliam to know everything about every destination, but I will get to know the destination you dream of going to. Everytime you book with me, you are supporting me rather than the online booking engine.

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